⚙️ Proptech for Tenants: Accessing Services and Reporting Issues in Social Housing in the UK

Social housing in the UK has been struggling for many years with an ageing infrastructure and an outdated service delivery model. However, the arrival of proptech has brought about a new and innovative way to tackle these problems, giving tenants in social housing the ability to access services and report issues in a more efficient and streamlined way.

Proptech has revolutionised the way that tenants in social housing can access services. For example, tenants can now use online portals to view their rent balance, request repairs, and report maintenance issues, all from the comfort of their own home. This has made the process of accessing services much more convenient and has reduced the need for tenants to travel to the local housing office.

One of the biggest benefits of proptech is the ability to report issues quickly and easily. This means that tenants no longer need to wait for business hours to report a problem, as they can now do so 24/7 via their online portal. This is a huge advantage for tenants who work long hours and are not able to visit the local housing office during the day.

Another important aspect of proptech is the ability to track the progress of a repair or maintenance request. This means that tenants can now see the status of their request at any time and receive notifications when it has been resolved. This not only gives tenants peace of mind, but it also helps to improve the overall transparency and accountability of the service delivery process. Changing the way that maintenance is delivered, using innovative products such as Help me Fix and IoT solutions is a natural next step for organisations looking to make a difference.

Proptech has brought about a much-needed change in the social housing sector in the UK, giving tenants the ability to access services and report issues in a more efficient and convenient way. By making these processes more streamlined and accessible, proptech is helping to improve the lives of tenants in social housing and create a more modern and sustainable service delivery model.