📲 What should you look for in Proptech, and how best to implement?!

All agents will have some form of tech stack enabling them to carry out certain tasks, even if this is just in the form of a CRM, but what should you really look for if you think it’s time to invest more in tech?

Tech can transform your working processes and the experience of your clients. Taking away the mundane and time consuming to free you up for the higher value tasks. If you like the sound of this, but aren’t really sure what to look for have a look back at our guide to some solutions here. Today we’re going to explore how to determine what’s right for you and how to make your shiny new Proptech succeed!

When looking at new tech, ask yourself:

👉 Does it make you more efficient?

👉 Does it improve the agent experience?

👉 Does it enhance the client experience?

If you can answer yes to one of these, great, but the best options for you will tick all three!

Once you have chosen tech which is right for the business, the next hurdle is to ensure it works as hoped. What steps should you take to ensure its successful? Here’s some tips to ensuring you get the most from your new tech from day one!

🦸‍♀️ Pick your avengers. Assemble a team to help implement and champion the tech. Having just one member from each relevant team (even if it’s just you!) 100% on board who loves what the tech does will make a huge impact. Train your avengers on the tech to help support others should they run into difficulties. You could even include them in the decision making process.

✈️ Test flight. Run a test of the new tech to ensure it’s working before it’s rolled out company wide. This way, it’s less likely to run aground when the wider business is using it and so you’ll find there’s less negativity towards the tech. It also helps you to determine your internal processes.

👨‍🏫 Train to succeed. Training the team is key. Everyone learns differently, but your test flight should have shown you the best way to train and your avengers can reinforce this at an individual level, or even be the ones to train the teams they’re in, it’s also a nice touch if they’re not the team leaders!

👂 Be a listener. Listen and learn from the feedback of the whole team. Set feedback sessions to avoid being bombarded, but load the sessions at the start and slowly filter out. For instance, set a team meeting (Zoom is a wonderful thing!!) after week 1, week 2, month 1 and month 2 to discuss the tech. The team knowing they have this ability to feedback is important, but there may well be some you have to take with a small pinch of salt! Cater to the masses, not the few.

🥳 Encourage. Adoption is very important as without it, you will lose a lot of the 3 questions you asked yourself. Encourage the team to utilise the tech, possibly even incentivise the use to begin with. It doesn’t always have to be cash, cake and ice-cream work just as well!