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💻🌐 The Digital Wave in UK's Property Market

The UK's estate and letting agency landscape is undergoing a significant digital transformation. With around 52,900 estate agents in the UK as of 2023, the industry is bustling and competitive. The rise of digital tools and platforms is reshaping how agents operate, interact with clients, and manage properties.

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🤒 HHSRS, do you know what it means?

HHSRS, or Housing Health and Safety Rating System, is a risk-based assessment of a property to check for various hazards which has been in place since 2006. These assessments are carried out by an environmental health officer from the local council who will look for anything of concern which could have an adverse effect on a tenant’s health or safety.

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🤔 Smart meters in rental property, is it a smart idea?

Smart meters are no longer a new concept. Many years ago the Government issued a deadline for all homes to have one. That deadline currently stands at 2024 and so utility companies have been asked to take ‘all reasonable steps’ to install smart meters in ever home. Some still ask why they should do so, or allow a tenant to install a meter.

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